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Masking Film Car Plastic Roll 55cm * 20M

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Introducing our masking film, the ultimate solution for safeguarding surfaces during painting, detailing, or any application where precision and cleanliness are crucial. Our masking film boasts a range of features designed to enhance your painting experience and ensure impeccable results every time.

Key Features:
1. Compact Design: Our product is characterized by its small volume, lightweight construction, and convenient portability, making it easy to carry and use in any setting.
2. Enhanced Protection: The adhesive foam masking tape, integrated along the edges of the high-density masking film, ensures secure adhesion, especially beneficial for multi-coat paint applications.
3. Penetration Prevention: Our protective film effectively blocks penetration, keeping surfaces pristine and free from unwanted paint, drips, or overspray.
4. Comprehensive Coverage: Unfurling to cover and shield various surfaces during painting, our masking film guarantees comprehensive protection against any potential damage.

1. Color: White
2. Material: PE (Polyethylene)

Packing Includes:
1x Protective Film

Experience the convenience and reliability of our masking film, designed to streamline your painting process and deliver professional-quality results with ease.
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