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Car Polishing Kit Car Buffing and Wax Polishing Drill Attachment Tool with Fastener Wheels

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Introducing our Scratch Repair Pads, engineered for heavy-duty tasks on automobiles, motorcycles, and musical instruments like guitars.

Yellow Wool Pad:
Designed for intensive "cutting," effectively eliminating stubborn oxidation and deep scratches when paired with a polishing compound at slow to medium speeds.

White Wool Pad:
Perfect for lighter cutting with a less aggressive compound, ensuring a smoother finish.

Yellow Foam Pad:
Ideal for addressing minor scratches or applying swirl removers, offering gentle yet efficient polishing action.

Black Foam Pad:
The least aggressive option, suitable for applying final polish or wax to achieve a flawless, glossy shine.

This comprehensive buffing and polishing pad set is your ultimate solution for achieving a mirror-like shine on your prized possessions. Its innovative backing pad design ensures compatibility with a variety of power tools, including angle grinders, sanders, cordless or corded drills, and die grinders.

The coarse (white) and fine (yellow) 100% lamb's wool pads deliver exceptional cutting power, effectively removing paint oxidation and scratches.

The open-cell foam (orange) pad polishes out swirl marks and holograms, while the closed-cell foam (black) pad produces an ultra-glossy shine finish.

Featuring a unique beveled-edge design, these pads provide superior coverage, safeguarding paint against scratches caused by contact with the backing pad.

Industrial-grade Velcro ensures secure attachment while allowing for quick pad swaps. Equipped with 1/4" arbor holes, these pads can also be used with screw-type mandrels for added versatility and convenience.